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  HOMEBREW_ARCH:                      {
    description: "Linux only: Pass the set value to a type name representing the compiler's `-march` option.",
    default:     "native",
    description: "Prefix all download URLs, including those for bottles, with this " \
                 "variable. For example, `HOMEBREW_ARTIFACT_DOMAIN=http://localhost:8080` will cause a " \
                 "formula with the URL `` to instead download from " \
    description: "Automatically check for updates once per this seconds interval.",
    default:     300,
  HOMEBREW_BAT:                       {
    description: "If set, use `bat` for the `brew cat` command.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_BINTRAY_KEY:               {
    description: "Use this API key when accessing the Bintray API (where bottles are stored).",
  HOMEBREW_BINTRAY_USER:              {
    description: "Use this username when accessing the Bintray API (where bottles are stored).",
    description:  "Use the specified URL as the download mirror for bottles. " \
    "For example, `HOMEBREW_BOTTLE_DOMAIN=http://localhost:8080` will cause all bottles to " \
    "download from the prefix `http://localhost:8080/`.",
    default_text: "macOS: ``, Linux: ``.",
    description: "Use the specified URL as the Homebrew/brew `git`(1) remote.",
  HOMEBREW_BROWSER:                   {
    description:  "Use this as the browser when opening project homepages.",
    default_text: "`$BROWSER` or the OS's default browser.",
  HOMEBREW_CACHE:                     {
    description:  "Use the specified directory as the download cache.",
    default_text: "macOS: `$HOME/Library/Caches/Homebrew`, " \
                  "Linux: `$XDG_CACHE_HOME/Homebrew` or `$HOME/.cache/Homebrew`.",
    default:      HOMEBREW_DEFAULT_CACHE,
    description: "Cleanup all cached files older than this many days.",
    default:     120,
  HOMEBREW_COLOR:                     {
    description: "If set, force colour output on non-TTY outputs.",
    boolean:     true,
    description:  "Use the specified URL as the Homebrew/homebrew-core `git`(1) remote.",
    default_text: "macOS: ``, " \
                  "Linux: ``.",
  HOMEBREW_CURLRC:                    {
    description: "If set, do not pass `--disable` when invoking `curl`(1), which disables the " \
                 "use of `curlrc`.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_CURL_RETRIES:              {
    description: "Pass the given retry count to `--retry` when invoking `curl`(1).",
    default:     3,
  HOMEBREW_CURL_VERBOSE:              {
    description: "If set, pass `--verbose` when invoking `curl`(1).",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_DEVELOPER:                 {
    description: "If set, tweak behaviour to be more relevant for Homebrew developers (active or " \
                 "budding) by e.g. turning warnings into errors.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, refuse to load formulae. This is useful when formulae are not trusted (such " \
                 "as in pull requests).",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_DISPLAY:                   {
    description:  "Use this X11 display when opening a page in a browser, for example with " \
                 "`brew home`. Primarily useful on Linux.",
    default_text: "`$DISPLAY`.",
    description: "If set, print install times for each formula at the end of the run.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_EDITOR:                    {
    description:  "Use this editor when editing a single formula, or several formulae in the " \
                 "same directory.\n\n    *Note:* `brew edit` will open all of Homebrew as discontinuous files " \
                 "and directories. Visual Studio Code can handle this correctly in project mode, but many " \
                 "editors will do strange things in this case.",
    default_text: "`$EDITOR` or `$VISUAL`.",
    description: "Output this many lines of output on formula `system` failures.",
    default:     15,
    description: "If set, always use a Homebrew-installed `curl`(1) rather than the system version. " \
                 "Automatically set if the system version of `curl` is too old.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, always use a Homebrew-installed `git`(1) rather than the system version. " \
                 "Automatically set if the system version of `git` is too old.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, running Homebrew on Linux will use URLs for macOS. This is useful when merging " \
                 "pull requests for macOS while on Linux.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, always use Homebrew's vendored, relocatable Ruby version even if the system version " \
                 "of Ruby is new enough.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "Use this password for authentication with the GitHub API, for features " \
                 "such as `brew search`. We strongly recommend using `HOMEBREW_GITHUB_API_TOKEN` instead.",
    description: "Use this personal access token for the GitHub API, for features such as " \
                 "`brew search`. You can create one at <>. If set, " \
                 "GitHub will allow you a greater number of API requests. For more information, see: " \
                 "<>\n\n    *Note:* Homebrew doesn't " \
                 "require permissions for any of the scopes, but some developer commands may require " \
                 "additional permissions.",
    description: "Use this username for authentication with the GitHub API, for features " \
                 "such as `brew search`. We strongly recommend using `HOMEBREW_GITHUB_API_TOKEN` instead.",
  HOMEBREW_GIT_EMAIL:                 {
    description: "Set the Git author and committer name to this value.",
  HOMEBREW_GIT_NAME:                  {
    description: "Set the Git author and committer email to this value.",
    description:  "Print this text before the installation summary of each successful build.",
    default_text: 'The "Beer Mug" emoji.',
    default:      "🍺",
  HOMEBREW_LOGS:                      {
    description:  "Use the specified directory to store log files.",
    default_text: "macOS: `$HOME/Library/Logs/Homebrew`, "\
                  "Linux: `$XDG_CACHE_HOME/Homebrew/Logs` or `$HOME/.cache/Homebrew/Logs`.",
    default:      HOMEBREW_DEFAULT_LOGS,
  HOMEBREW_MAKE_JOBS:                 {
    description:  "Use this value as the number of parallel jobs to run when building with `make`(1).",
    default_text: "The number of available CPU cores.",
    default:      lambda {
      require "os"
      require "hardware"
  HOMEBREW_NO_ANALYTICS:              {
    description: "If set, do not send analytics. See: <>.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, do not automatically update before running " \
                 "`brew install`, `brew upgrade` or `brew tap`.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, fail on the failure of installation from a bottle rather than " \
                 "falling back to building from source.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_NO_COLOR:                  {
    description:  "If set, do not print text with colour added.",
    default_text: "`$NO_COLOR`.",
    boolean:      true,
  HOMEBREW_NO_COMPAT:                 {
    description: "If set, disable all use of legacy compatibility code.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_NO_EMOJI:                  {
    description: "If set, do not print `HOMEBREW_INSTALL_BADGE` on a successful build." \
                 "\n\n    *Note:* Only tries to print emoji on OS X Lion or newer.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_NO_GITHUB_API:             {
    description: "If set, do not use the GitHub API, e.g. for searches or fetching relevant issues " \
                 "on a failed install.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, forbid redirects from secure HTTPS to insecure HTTP." \
                 "\n\n    *Note:* While ensuring your downloads are fully secure, this is likely to cause " \
                 "from-source SourceForge, some GNU & GNOME based formulae to fail to download.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, `brew install`, `brew upgrade` and `brew reinstall` will never automatically " \
                 "cleanup installed/upgraded/reinstalled formulae or all formulae every 30 days.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_PRY:                       {
    description: "If set, use Pry for the `brew irb` command.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set with `HOMEBREW_DEVELOPER`, do not use bottles from older versions " \
                 "of macOS. This is useful in development on new macOS versions.",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_SVN:                       {
    description:  "Use this as the `svn`(1) binary.",
    default_text: "A Homebrew-built Subversion (if installed), or the system-provided binary.",
  HOMEBREW_TEMP:                      {
    description:  "Use this path as the temporary directory for building packages. Changing " \
                  "this may be needed if your system temporary directory and Homebrew prefix are on " \
                  "different volumes, as macOS has trouble moving symlinks across volumes when the target " \
                  "does not yet exist. This issue typically occurs when using FileVault or custom SSD " \
    default_text: "macOS: `/private/tmp`, Linux: `/tmp`.",
    default:      HOMEBREW_DEFAULT_TEMP,
  HOMEBREW_UPDATE_TO_TAG:             {
    description: "If set, always use the latest stable tag (even if developer commands " \
                 "have been run).",
    boolean:     true,
  HOMEBREW_VERBOSE:                   {
    description: "If set, always assume `--verbose` when running commands.",
    boolean:     true,
    description: "If set, verbose output will print a `.` no more than once a minute. This can be " \
                 "useful to avoid long-running Homebrew commands being killed due to no output.",
    boolean:     true,
  all_proxy:                          {
    description: "Use this SOCKS5 proxy for `curl`(1), `git`(1) and `svn`(1) when downloading through Homebrew.",
  ftp_proxy:                          {
    description: "Use this FTP proxy for `curl`(1), `git`(1) and `svn`(1) when downloading through Homebrew.",
  http_proxy:                         {
    description: "Use this HTTP proxy for `curl`(1), `git`(1) and `svn`(1) when downloading through Homebrew.",
  https_proxy:                        {
    description: "Use this HTTPS proxy for `curl`(1), `git`(1) and `svn`(1) when downloading through Homebrew.",
  no_proxy:                           {
    description: "A comma-separated list of hostnames and domain names excluded " \
                 "from proxying by `curl`(1), `git`(1) and `svn`(1) when downloading through Homebrew.",

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.env_method_name(env, hash) ⇒ Object

# File 'brew/Library/Homebrew/env_config.rb', line 270

def env_method_name(env, hash)
  method_name = env.to_s
                   .sub(/^HOMEBREW_/, "")
  method_name = "#{method_name}?" if hash[:boolean]


Needs a custom implementation.

# File 'brew/Library/Homebrew/env_config.rb', line 301

def make_jobs
  jobs = ENV["HOMEBREW_MAKE_JOBS"].to_i
  return jobs.to_s if jobs.positive?